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Olivia Coleman, Senior  |  Lycoming College  |  Political Science/ Philosophy & Law

I selected Lycoming College primarily for the academic structure. I sat in on a class the first time I visited and fell in love with the lecture style. I also believe the small class sizes and close interactions with professors are things I would not find at many other institutions. The residential atmosphere was, and still is, uplifting and homey. 

I have made a lot of friends and built strong relationships with faculty and staff while I attended Lycoming College. I think the networking opportunities will certainly be something I can reflect on and utilize in the future. I also believe the liberal arts education strongly attributed to this intellectual pool of knowledge I now possess in ways other schooling may not have done. My time at Lycoming College has also greatly contributed positively to my persona both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Finding a school at which I could comfortably spend four years at was not an easy feat when I graduated high school. Independent institutions have the ability to be more personal in how they create their ambiance. I believe education is directly at the forefront of these types of colleges. They do not have as many public interferences with their goals. This is important because they then have the chance to achieve their objectives with minimum outside influence. As an individual, this is important to me, as I want the college to be a reflection of who I want to be and who I am, as I wish to also be to the institution. I support all forms of higher education, however, I believe those goals I sought are more obtainable at an independent or private college. 

Some adjectives that describe me: outgoing & diligent.


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OP-ED: No Equal in the World: Leadership Advice for New College Presidents

by L. Jay Lemons, President of Susquehanna University

The college presidency has become a high-risk occupation. All the old challenges - fundraising, strategic planning, managing enrollment, protecting students - are all still there, along with newer trials: navigating demographic shifts and flat-lining family incomes, ensuring access, assuring compliance to growing governmental regulation, and understanding the absurdity of various rankings including those promised by the U.S. Department of Education. The list goes on and on.

It's a wonder anyone wants to do it, and yet, the ranks of new college presidents continue to swell. According to the Association of American Universities, annual turnover among presidents is 15 percent, a number that will only grow as American college presidents age (the current average is 61 years old). 



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Dr. Lewis Thayne, President of Lebanon Valley College, presented the independent college perspective to educators and business leaders at the Pennsylvania Business Education Partnership (PBEP) annual conference.   Dr. Thayne was on a panel which included a state university president and a community college president.


Did You Know?


Top Origins of First-Time, Degree-Seeking Students Migrating to Pennsylvania to Attend a College or University, Fall 2012

 Rank  State  Students
 1  New Jersey  9,521
 2  New York  5,392
 3  Foreign Countries  3,497
 4  Maryland  2,914
 5  Ohio  1,439
 6  California  1,340
 7  Connecticut  1,280
 8  Massachusetts  1,165
 9  Virginia  1,004
 10  Delaware  731


In the fall of 2012, a total of 33,673 students traveled to Pennsylvania from other states or from overseas to enroll in a college or university located here. Of those 33,673 students migrating to Pennsylvania, 68 percent enrolled in a private college or university.