Microsoft EES Agreement


Microsoft Education Enrollment for Solutions (EES) agreement program, managed by software reseller JourneyEd, provides AICUP member institutions access to significantly discounted pricing on widely used Microsoft products, including product upgrades, and a means of ensuring Microsoft licensing compliance throughout the college or university campus. 

In August 2017, JourneyEd took the initiative to lock in the pricing for the EES Agreement for three years. AICUP signed contracts from Microsoft licensing which effectively kept all AICUP member colleges and affiliates in the FTE based model until August 1, 2020. Based on preliminary price comparisons, this saves at least 30% for AICUP members for at least the next two years - a collective savings of $2 million!

CONTACT: Jason Watson at jwatson@journeyed.com or 800-876-3507 ext. 7111
Website: http://www.journeyed.com/select

  • AICUP Member Participants: 72
  • Purchasing Power: $3.0 million in Microsoft software licenses purchased by participating colleges
  • Savings: 8-10%

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