AICUP Endorsed Program


3ROX is a regional network operated by the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center at Carnegie Mellon University. 3ROX offers network connectivity (commodity Internet and research/education networks such as Internet2) to schools, libraries and higher education and reduces transit costs through rich peering and caching with content distribution networks. 3ROX offers security as a service, focusing on vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection. 3ROX understands higher ed needs and can respond quickly to short-term changes in connectivity.


  • AICUP Member Participants: 12

Unique Program Features:

  • In general, 3ROX adds between 1 and 3 members per year.
  • Commodity Internet Traffic offloaded to peering and caching services: 65 to 95% of individual member’s total traffic was offloaded to 3ROX peering and caching service reducing member’s commodity Internet bandwidth needs.
  • 3ROX receives on average five requests per year to temporarily suspend a member’s Internet bandwidth cap (for free) to accommodate special events or evaluate bandwidth needs.

CONTACT: Ken Goodwin at goodwin@psc.edu or 412-268-4960 

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