Regional Broadband Collaborative

Regional Broadband Collaborative

AICUP Endorsed Program


AICUP members have recognized the need to integrate technology into their core operations to improve efficiency to offer a higher quality product, and many share the need for assistance in the effective application of network technologies. So, AICUP developed the regional broadband collaborative with three main goals:

  • Encourage cost-effective regional networks linking member colleges
  • Use networks to develop and deliver high-quality education services
  • Accelerate technology investments in our communities
Western Regional WAN

The Western Region WAN 
AICUP Member Participants: 8
Contact: Tim Alexander, AICUP at tim.alexander@aicup.org or (717) 232-8649, ext.222 

Northeastern Regional WAN

The Northeastern Region WAN
AICUP Member Participants: 8
Contact: Paul Tweedy, paul.tweedy@scranton.edu or 570-941-4275 

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