AICUP Endorsement of Collaboration


AICUP Endorsed Program

AICUP continues to operate under a mission statement establishing when/if a program proposal is to be endorsed. This mission statement directs AICUP:

  • To design participatory programs of shared service delivery or group-based procurement that leverage the consumer strength of the AICUP membership, thereby reducing price for services and goods.

  • To exercise market influence as an aggregation of consumers with like needs and similar circumstance in such a way as to encourage service and product suppliers to recognize the status of private higher education as a significant
    market worthy of preferred marketing coverage, pricing and service delivery.

  • To promote programs of collaboration that, absent the association’s coordination role, would not be developed to the necessary critical mass on a regional or state-wide level.

  • To avoid duplication of efforts with our member colleges by identifying unique and strategic opportunities that are
    best suited for a state-level association and not otherwise performed by individual or groups of member colleges on
    a regular basis.

  • As a byproduct of a good program, AICUP occasionally develops programs that produce income which defray AICUP administrative expenses while providing greater value to the participating membership.

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All endorsed programs were carefully reviewed by the Association’s staff, its AICUP Member Services Committee and finally endorsed by the AICUP Board of Directors. Often times, these programs are the result of lengthy RFP processes, extensive reference checks, multiple focus group meetings and/or company profile reviews. The program administrators listed with the endorsed program have licensed the AICUP trade name and trademark to advertise their services to AICUP members. As such, the words and logo, “AICUP Endorsed” are used to describe these programs.

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