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BoardEffect board management software drives efficiency, effectiveness and engagement among board directors, executives and administrators. More than 1,300 leading organizations use BoardEffect’s board management software to manage board-related information online and advance the work of their boards. Hospitals and healthcare systems, nonprofits, foundations, educational institutions, government entities, companies and many others leverage BoardEffect to support the dynamic, nuanced, critically important work of governing bodies.Board members access their critical information via Android, iOS or any browser-supported device in a secure environment which protects sensitive board information through our 5 Tier Security program using a state of the art dedicated SOCII infrastructure. Board executives and administrators easily streamline the creation, review, approval and dissemination of important board materials. 


The work of boards is complex, demanding, and high-stakes. It is also cyclical in nature. Boards convene on a regular meeting cycle, deliver on a recurring set of annual responsibilities, and continuously work to refresh and strengthen themselves as strategic assets to the organizations they serve. These represent three different operating cycles, each with its own pace and components. The functionality and workflows of BoardEffect have been designed to support boards as they manage the responsibilities inherent within these demanding, interdependent and mission critical cycles. 


Beyond the features of BoardEffect, the needs of board directors drive our solution's very character and personality. We strive tirelessly to achieve three things in making board management software that organizational leaders love to use:

Truly Easy - Confidently manage board information with few clicks using BoardEffect's intuitive interface for board members and administrators.

Truly Secure - We've got you covered. Our 5 part security program combines application security, data center and physical security infrastructure, data recovery and auditing; and it even allows clients to determine settings that best fit their individualized security needs.

Truly Mobile - On tablets or in your office. A seamless experience across devices is assured. Access your platform anywhere, anytime.

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CONTACT: Dottie Schindlinger, dschindlinger@diligent.com or 215-450-9383

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e-Governance Portal

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Board Portal Software

BoardEffect and AICUP have come together to offer AICUP members the opportunity to implement the leading secure board portal solution for independent colleges at a very reasonable cost. This partnership allows AICUP members to benefit from BoardEffect's governance solutions and expertise at substantial discount.

BoardEffect is a secure, web-based board portal--with accompanying apps for a variety of mobile devices--designed to support best practices in governance and tailored to fit the needs of higher education boards. BoardEffect allows truly easy management of board information, while also enabling trustees to fulfill their responsibilities of elevating institutional performance.

Designed Around the Work of Boards

Boards operate in a series of demanding, interdependent cycles of activities--each in terms of frequency and sustained focus. The functionality and workflows of BoardEffect's platform are designed to support boards as they manage the responsibilities inherent in managing the Meeting Cycle, Annual Compliance Cycle, and ongoing Board Development Cycle.

BoardEffect offers two options to all AICUP member institutions:

1. Access to shared platform, managed by AICUP's staff. This approach--designed for smaller institutions--offers a low-entry cost for private "workrooms" (to house your board's and committees' information) within AICUP's shared platform.

2. Reduced rate on a stand-alone BoardEffect platform. For larger institutions, and those wishing to have full control and access to their own separate BoardEffect platform, AICUP members receive a significant discount of the regular pricing.

CONTACT: Peter Atsaves, Sr. Advisor, Governance Solutions at patsaves@boardeffect.com or 267-297-1338


AICUP Member Participants: 33
Up to 75% off standard pricing
AICUP Shared Platform: 14 Member Schools

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