Energy Management Collaborative


The Emerging Technology Applications Center (ETAC) provides substantial value to AICUP members with their expert energy efficiency specialists. This highly successful project served ten AICUP members identifying annual energy savings opportunities and reducing Cox emissions.

ETAC continues this program for AICUP members on an as needed basis for member institutions working
toward energy cost savings and carbon emission reductions on campus. Assessment audit levels are flexible based on need.

Major Energy Savings Areas: Cafeterias, libraries, dorms, science buildings, common areas and swimming pools. 

CONTACT: Dr. John Barkanic, ETAC at jbarkanic@northampton.edu or 610- 332-6103

Energy Savings Identified: 12,690,030 kWh/year; 205,804 mmBtu/year; $3,774,678/year
COx Emissions Savings Identified: 19,662 tons/year

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