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OMNIA Partners, Public Sector

With our team of experts dedicated specifically to higher education, OMNIA Partners, Public Sector (subsidiaries National IPA and U.S. Communities) eases the burden with the nation’s most comprehensive portfolio of products and services, all from industry-leading suppliers. Our participants join together to leverage their volumes, commanding higher discounts from manufacturers, distributors, and other suppliers. 

As the nation’s largest cooperative, OMNIA Partners connects thousands of educational institutions and public agencies for combined purchasing power. As the industry leader in service and value, OMNIA Partners makes it all easier, less expensive, and more efficient. All contracts available through OMNIA Partners, Public Sector are competitively solicited and publicly awarded by a lead agency (government entity/educational institution), using a competitive solicitation process consistent with applicable procurement laws and regulations.

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CONTACT: Lisa Sloane,  lisa.sloane@omniapartners.com or 770-265-0262

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2009 Inaugural AICUP Good Citizen Golf Outing
Doug Aldinger, Jon Enos (F&M College), Mike Schwalm (OMNIA) and Eric Hellstern

Group Purchasing

Aggregated Group Purchasing

AICUP Endorsed ProgramOMNIA Partners (formally National IPA) is the leader in cooperative purchasing dedicated to serving public agencies including: higher education, K-12 schools, nonprofits, and state and local government. OMNIA Partners has a robust portfolio of contracts as well as an exclusive strategic alliance with the largest group purchasing organization in the United States, Vizient, which has over $100 billion in annual purchasing power. Participating in the cooperative buying power of more than 48,000 entities allows you to pay less for products and reduce administrative costs, which helps you do more with less.

So why is OMNIA Partners so effective at creating more economical buying opportunities for you? Because it offers strength in numbers and years of government purchasing experience, so AICUP can have confidence in every contract. AICUP members save on such products and services as office supplies, janitorial, MRO, roofing, financial products (P-card), food and related products, pharmacy, lab, capital equipment, computers, campus promotional products, document and forms management, and furniture. The OMNIA Partners team provides an unparalleled level of service to the market. AICUP continues to have a dedicated team of account managers who assist members with strategies to fully utilize the OMNIA Partners portfolio of agreements.

Contract categories include:

  • Administration 
  • Food and nutrition
  • Technology
  • Student health
  • Facilities 
  • Learning environment 
  • Sustainable solutions

CONTACT: Lisa Sloane,  lisa.sloane@omniapartners.com or 770-265-0262

  • AICUP Member Participants: 90
  • AICUP Member Purchasing Volume: More than $5.0 Million in 2017

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