NCFTA Cyber-Security Collaborative 

The NCFTA is a not-for-profit corporation (501(c)(3) that was incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania in October 2002. The NCFTA was created to facilitate collaboration between industries, academia and law enforcement to effectively identify and address complex Cyber related threats. NCFTA operations are conducted by its Chief Executive Officer/President and other officers, with the approval of its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of representatives from various private industry sectors and academia. Its personnel include full-time management and Team Leaders, cross-functional intelligence analysts, as well as graduate and post-graduate students, who are considered Subject Matter Experts regarding a variety of cyber-crime threats and/or threat-actors.   

The purpose of this program is to establish a mutual relationship between NCFTA, AICUP and participating AICUP Members whereas NCFTA will hire a dedicated analyst to support the review, creation, and editing of policies for the participating AICUP Members and NCFTA in an effort to ensure continued improvement in becoming more resilient to threats as well as better prepared for third party assessments.  As part of this Program, NCFTA will:   

  • Assign one (1) full- time analyst dedicated to supporting 10 AICUP Member schools in assessing, developing, and modifying, security policies in order to help Member schools work towards becoming more compliant with any additional third-party reviews.   
  • The dedicated analyst will help schools review security policies, leveraging common frameworks, such as ISO 27001, in order to identify gaps.  The dedicated analyst will leverage (or develop where appropriate) a common mitigation framework of policies as agreed upon by the group, based on findings.  The dedicated analyst will repeatedly help identify existing policies, modify existing policies that benefit the group or create new policies that assist the group as a whole, with the intent of moving the group forward in becoming more resilient as determined by periodic assessments.  
  • Provide access to NCFTA Malware Program daily feeds to assist in identifying and mitigating threats of both a technical and non-technical nature.  Provide access to NCFTA’s Malware Analysis Portal (MAP) for submission of malware and return of analysis.   
  • Coordinate access to embedded domestic and international law enforcement (LE) partners. 
  • Invite, when applicable, AICUP Members to participate in working groups and NCFTA hosted conferences which relate to specific areas of interest. 
  • Provide alerting for AICUP Members owned credentials from the Internet Fraud Alert (IFA) system. *AICUP Member use and access to IFA is subject to IFA’s Terms of Use. 
This program is poised to enlist another 15 member campuses in a second wave of activity. To learn more about this program contact:

Tara Trickett - ttrickett@ncfta.net


Tim Wilson – twilson@pointpark.edu

VP IT & Chief Technology Officer
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


map  101 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101-1404    l    Phone: (717) 232-8649    l    Fax: (717) 233-8574    l    Email: info@aicup.org

map  101 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101-1404    l    Phone: (717) 232-8649    l    Fax: (717) 233-8574    l    Email: info@aicup.org