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Salt, powered by the nonprofit American Student Assistance® (ASA), is an education finance support program that helps remove the financial barriers to higher education so students and alumni can freely and confidently pursue their dreams. Salt leverages ASA’s 60 years of experience managing student debt to empower students to successfully plan for, pay for, and repay their higher education. The program is underwritten by ASA as well as 300 higher education institutions, nonprofits, and employers who partner to successfully guide millions of students and alumni through the ļ¬nancing process. With a combination of financial education, personalized student loan advice, and straightforward budgeting tools, Salt’s unbiased advisors help them make smart decisions about education costs so they can achieve a positive financial future. 

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American Student Assistance (ASA) is a leading pioneer in overcoming financial barriers to higher education. Founded in 1956, ASA has evolved into a national nonprofit that works to ensure no student fails to realize the full potential of education because of finances. In 2012, ASA launched Salt, a free education finance support program that offers tools and guidance to help students, alumni, and families make proactive, informed decisions about planning for, paying for, and repaying their higher education.

Today we work with over 300 higher education institutions and participating partners to successfully guide our 1.28 million members achieve a positive financial future and the dreams higher education enables.

Salt enables college administrators to offer:

  • Well-timed financial education resources, advice, and self-paced courses designed from the students' point of view.
  • Salt Courses-a structured program that offers detailed reporting at the student level.
  • Live one-on-one counseling by trained advisors who answer students' questions objectively and advocate on their behalf.
  • Easy-to-use tools that help students and alumni monitor and manage their loans, and payments online.
  • Help finding jobs, internships, and scholarships.

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CONTACT: Vince Scalise at vscalise@asa.org or 617-535-2199

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