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Kimmel Bogrette Architecture + Site, Inc.

Kimmel Bogrette is a full-service Design firm specializing in Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design and Site Planning for Mission Driven Institutions. To date, we have helped more than a dozen AICUP members further their Missions with projects that build their individual brands and attract the students they desire most.

Our mission is to provide “Extraordinary Solutions for Ordinary Budgets” and it is our commitment to deliver something wonderful to your school, no matter how limited your funding might be.

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Kimmel Bogrette has recognized that AICUP Member Schools face a consistent challenge in reconciling campus needs with funding availability early in the project "lifestyle." In addition, in the ever more competitive world, these same schools need to go beyond just meeting the need, by using capital projects to help fulfill their institutional mission and build their unique brand of education. To meet these challenge, Kimmel Bogrette has developed an approach called the "MasterConcept Plan." It is the only fixed cost planning and design tool in the industry.

Our Approach: MasterConcept Planning + Value-Added Design

Future proofing your facility's assets through mission-oriented, long-term planning that:

  • DOCUMENTS short-and long-term goals.
  • IDENTIFIES the variables and constraints presented by the buildings, lands, and systems
  • PROGRAMS quantitative and qualitative functional needs in a phaseable format.
  • PROVIDES practical solutions that serve the facility's needs and will be embraced by residents.
  • INCLUDES detailed cost analyses, scheduling and phasing plans that create a roadmap and leave a legacy.

CONTACT: Buck Collins at bcollins@kimmel-bogrette.com or 610-834-7805

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