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Synario (in partnership with PFM) is an agile financial modeling platform offering advanced control over your financial projections. Model each business dimension, perform scenario and stress analyses, and dynamically present your findings all from one cloud-enabled platform.

With higher education modeling experience including tuition strategy, debt and capital planning, and new program prioritization, Synario is capable of providing the personalized financial trajectory answers your institution needs. 

Trusted by over 70 higher education institutions, Synario is ready to model your college or university forward.


AICUP Member Preferred Pricing Program 

Synario offers exclusive subscription and implementation discounts to AICUP members as part of the Member Preferred Pricing Program.

Prioritize your financial future with 30% OFF the annual subscription to Synario’s proprietary financial modeling software.

Visualize and explore the impact of scenario-based challenges and opportunities on your institution’s integrated financial statements, including cash flow.

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Building Recession Resilience in Higher Ed White Paper


  • AICUP Member Participants: 6
  • Dollars Saved: $15,000 in purchase price for each AICUP member participant

Unique Program Features:

  • Helps CFOs, Board Members, and Presidents establish clarity, credibility, and consensus around the financial planning process.
  • Project key rating agency ratios while performing sensitivity on enrollment and compensation.
  • Model, manage, and visualize unlimited scenarios to identify opportunities and mitigate challenges, all from one cloud-enabled platform.

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 Kevin Kuhar at kuhark@synario.com, 215-557-1257

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