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TEMA Roofing Services, LLC

TEMA Roofing Services is proudly owned by the Froelich family with three generations of commercial and industrial roofing experience.  Our reputation over the years has been built upon the long-lasting trust of our clients.  

We have been providing our Design-Build roofing services to customers for more then 30 years.  To us, the benefit of this delivery method boils down to two factors familiar to every business, regardless of industry: time and money. 

We are also proud to have the ability to contract with The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) and OMNIA Partners cooperative purchasing organizations. These strategic partnerships give our clients in certain industries and sectors access to an alternative method for purchasing roofing services.

CONTACT: Scott Froelich at scott@temaroofingservices.com  or 330-362-8300

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