Join us on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

for AICUP’s Annual Student Aid Advocacy Day at the Capitol!


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AICUP's Student Aid Advocacy Day is a day set aside each year for students from our member institutions to advocate for legislative support for private institutions of higher education. It is a great opportunity to remind legislators that their constituents attend private colleges and universities because it provides an excellent educational opportunity and experience for the participating students.

This year's advocacy day primarily focuses on funding for the institutional assistance grants, PHEAA grant programs and the Ready to Succeed Scholarship program so more middle-income students can benefit from the financial help it provides.

We look forward to seeing all of our member representatives for another successful Student Aid Advocacy Day! 

Please check back for 2019 Registration and Information.

Seton Hill University PHEAA Grant Recipient Michaela Shares her Story

Why the PHEAA State Grant is important to me?

Seton Hill University PHEAA Grant Recipient Jennifer Shares her Story

Why the PHEAA State Grant is important to me?

Seton Hill University PHEAA Grant Recipient Jackie Shares her Story

Why the PHEAA State Grant is important to me?

300 Private college and university students rallied at the state capitol for Student Aid Advocacy Day

On April 17, 2018 representing more than 40 private college and universities across the state, 300 students rallied for the PHEAA state grant program and the Ready to Succeed Scholarship program, as part of AICUP's Student Aid Advocacy Day. Students spoke at the rally, sharing personal stories of how the PHEAA state grant has helped them afford their college education.

My parents are putting four kids through college over the next ten years, and without the money from the PHEAA state grant, I would have had to find other means to pay for college," said Moriah Mauro, a senior at York College. "I'd like to think of this grant as a way that the state invests in me and my future, and later I can give back in my future career.

After losing his mother to cancer and his immediate family dissolving, John Peters was left with trying to figure out his future and how to pay for it. "The PHEAA state grant and the RTSS gave me the opportunity to live on campus, and to build a support system around myself," said John, a junior at Lycoming College. "Without the help of these grants, I likely would not be enrolled in college and my aspirations would be inconceivable."

The PHEAA grant program serves low and moderate-income college students, attending any Pennsylvania college or university. The PHEAA state grant has not been fully funded since 2008, impacting thousands of students who are seeking to attend a higher education institution in Pennsylvania.

The Ready to Succeed Scholarship program, which serves families with an income of $80,000 - $110,000, only covers one-third of eligible students. Last year, nearly 7,000 students did not receive the grant due to insufficient funding.
Students spent the day meeting with Legislators, talking about the PHEAA grant program and RTSS funding shortage and how it will impact their college education. Students also shared their stories via social media.

Students, if you have a story to share, please send them to Carey Miller

Student Advocacy Advisory Council Webinar

2018 Student Aid Advocacy Webinar 

AICUP in partnership with Widener and Wilkes universities to present the PA state budget and its impact on higher education for independent colleges and universities in Pennsylvania. Tactics on how to talk to legislators, setting up meetings, how to effectively tell your story, how to use social media with advocacy, and advocacy on your campus were shared in the webinar presentation. PHEAA Board Chair, Rep. Mike Peifer also provided some helpful information on the state grants and PHEAA's role.

February 21 Webinar

For a copy of presentations, please contact Carey Miller, miller@aicup.org

Social Media

We will be using social media to highlight activities during the Student Aid Advocacy Day event. Please tag AICUP, your college, and your legislators; and add #PASAA to all of your posts.

What is an Advocate?

ad·vo·cate noun /advəkət/: a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

Being an advocate gives you an opportunity to make sure your voice is heard. As an appointed member of the PA Student Aid Advisory Council, you are actively building vital support for financial aid programs for Pennsylvania private college and university students. 

Your advocacy efforts will be focused on meeting with your elected officials on Student Aid Advocacy Day at the Capitol, and in actively engaging other students on your campus. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the materials and resources sections. Informed student advocates can make a difference in important policy-making decisions.

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