Unique Source Products & Services

UniqueSource Products & Services is a non-profit organization that sells products and services, the fulfillment of which employs Pennsylvanians with disabilities. For 60 years we've created employment for amazing people whose willingness to work far exceeds the challenges of their disabilities. We're inspired by their stories and motivated by their attitudes. We're passionate about what we do because everyone deserves the opportunity to work.

The quality services (such as janitorial or document management like imaging and shredding) and products (items like carpeting, window treatments, toilet tissue and trash liners) create jobs for a sector of the workforce with unemployment rates which approach 67%. The wages from this work allows individuals to become independent, tax-paying, societal contributors who rely less on government programming to live.

Contact: Brenda Bonafair, bbonafair@uniquesource.com or 717-317-9575

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