Clery Center 


Clery Center is a national nonprofit dedicated to helping college and university officials meet the letter and spirit of the Jeanne Clery Act. By equipping professionals with the training and resources they need to understand compliance requirements, the Center strives to make campus safety a universal reality. As the non-profit leader in Clery Act compliance training and education, Clery Center partners with various industries to promote safer campus communities and fosters relationships among campus law enforcement, administrators, students, and families. The Center also supports policy initiatives aligned with the core goal of building safer campus communities nationwide.


Jessica Mertz at jmertz@clerycenter.org or 484-580-8754

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Clery Center Membership

Clery Center Membership connects campus safety professionals with ready- to-use materials, resources, and strategies to help guide them through understanding and implementing the provisions of the Clery Act. We not only guide institutions in implementation, but to exemplify the spirit of the law with a proactive commitment to campus safety. With Clery Center Membership colleges and universities receive unparalleled expertise in the form of annual security report reviews, unlimited technical assistance and support, free tools and resources, free and discounted trainings, workshops, and webinars, and access to the Clery Center Member directory and private discussion board.


  • AICUP Member Participants: 28

Unique Program Features:

  • Providing Annual Security Report reviews and compliance calls around the results
  • Supplying unlimited technical assistance and expertise around Clery Act compliance
  • Gaining access to online and in-person Clery Act Trainings and resources

Megan Reedy at mreedy@clerycenter.org or 484-581-7534

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