The Corporate Affiliate Program


The AICUP Corporate Affiliate Program is comprised of high quality companies whose support for private higher education is evidenced by their financial support to AICUP, their interest in finding solutions for AICUP members and their firm’s presence within the Keystone State. 

Opportunities for Corporate Affiliates

Each Corporate Affiliate participates in this program by invitation only and all provide services to at least one AICUP member before being eligible to join the program. Corporate Affiliates may also provide endorsed services (as seen on prior pages), however the vast majority of Corporate Affiliates do not provide endorsed services to AICUP and its members. AICUP’s due diligence of these companies is limited to a review of an application form and a lengthy personal interview. Contact Kelly Carli 

The purpose of the AICUP Member Preferred program (AMP) is to provide Corporate Affiliates with an opportunity to offer pricing discounts and/or service enhancements to AICUP members without considering volume, leverage or aggregation that is necessary for an AICUP Endorsed Program. Corporate Affiliates, through AMP, are able to submit preferred pricing/preferred service programs to the AICUP Member Services Committee for consideration. 

Intern - AICUP wants to identify and recognize affiliates providing paid internships to students attending AICUP members schools. Over time, an expansion of internship offerings may occur as AICUP hopes all Corporate Affiliates will provide at least one substantial paid internship experience for students attending an AICUP member institution.


Professional Development -  AICUP corporate affiliates are now encouraged to provide information on any/all training experiences they currently offer that would be of interest to AICUP member campuses. Many AICUP Corporate Affiliates already provide valuable professional training and educational opportunities either through formal training programs or through ad hoc customer/client-acquisition programs. 

Corporate Affiliate Working Group -
During the summer of 2017, this working group was formed so representatives from each sector of our corporate affiliate program could provide AICUP staff with guidance on the Member Meeting on Collaboration and other events. Much of the 2018 Member Meeting agenda was at the suggestion of this working group including the addition of a dinner & keynote speaker. If you are interested in joining this group, contact Kelly Carli

For information about becoming a Corporate Affiliate, contact Kelly Carli at carli@aicup.org or 717-232-8649 x240.

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