The AICUP Brian C. Mitchell Award for Excellence in Collaboration (or just the “Mitchell award”) is an annual recognition granted by AICUP to either an individual, a non-profit organization or for-profit organization/ company whose contribution to the promotion of collaboration within the Pennsylvania independent higher education community has been deemed by AICUP to be a best-practice or case-study for leveraging the independent non-profit college sector’s consumer influence by providing superior services, products, programs and pricing through collaboration.

The Mitchell Award recognizes those persons or organizations who exhibit the highest standard in ethical business practices and affinity for the support of the independent college and university sector. The Mitchell Award will not be given every year. 

Linda Eremita, George K. Baum & Company, was awarded the Mitchell Award in 2017 for providing AICUP members the AICUP Debt Financial Advisory & Bond program offering approximately $1.1 billion in bond issuance since its inception in 1997

The first Mitchell Award was presented to Victoria Justus, Turning Bird Consulting, in 2014, in honor of her ground-breaking work developing the AICUP EPA Self-Audit Program that took place between 2003 and 2009. 

Victoria's work, in Pennsylvania, shielded 43 participating colleges from more than $10,000,000 in fines associated with EPA non-compliance. More importantly, this ground-breaking activity was replicated in 13 other states and served over 370 non-profit, private colleges shielding them from untold millions of dollars in fines. Lastly, this program served as a model for AICUP's Energy Management Collaborative and the Clery Collaborative

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