The Spotlight is a monthly e-newsletter produced by the AICUP Member services staff and delivered, during the third week of each month, to over 3,000 people on member campuses (including, among others, President, COO, CFO, Finance, IT, HR, Facilities, Enrollment Management, Purchasing, Student affairs). 

AICUP wants to avoid overloading our members with numerous emails and, unless it is an issue of vital and timely importance, this is the main electronic communication the Member Services staff utilizes.

The content for this publication relies largely on the submissions by members, endorsed program providers and corporate affiliates. While there is no guarantee, AICUP staff will strive to make use of most, if not all, submissions received by the 10th of each month. All selected articles will include a link to the affiliates’s landing page on the AICUP website.

*For more information, additional submission guidelines or to subscribe, email carli@aicup.org
Please do not self-subscribe as list serves are created for different functional areas (Finance, IT, HR, Facilities, Etc)

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