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Increase your student success and retention with our Relational Retention software, Pharos 360.  Pharos 360 will help you reinforce and enhance your commitment to identify struggling students, manage interventions, build campus-wide collaboration and measure success.  On average, our clients see a 2-12% increase in retention after adopting our software and Relational Retention approach! 

Relational Retention is our unique approach and philosophy that students succeed when they have strong, supportive connections who provide relational intervention when needed most.  Our software solutions are crafted to leverage the power of your strong community so no student falls through the cracks.   

The promise you make to your students is powerful.  We are committed to making it possible.

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CONTACT: Loree Houghton at loree.houghton@pharosresources.com or 304-212-0227


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