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Creating a Student Community in a COVID-19 World Download 
(updated 4/16/2021)

I’m 19 and Healthy – Why Should I Get Vaccinated for COVID-19? (April 2021)
Caring Campus: An Initiative to Involve College Staff in Increasing Student Success (March 2021)
Farewell Print Textbook Reserves: A COVID-19 Change to Embrace (January 2021)
Just Talk: Creating Rewarding Videoconference Meetings (February 2021)
Student Financial Aid Reference Desk (February 2021)
Assessing the Impact of the COVID Pandemic on Student Veterans & Campus Support Services (February 2021)
Bridging the Digital Divide: Lessons from COVID-19 (February 2021)

Facilitating Effective Collaboration in Virtual Student Teams (January 2021)
Six Ways to Build Community in Online Classrooms (Jan. 2021)
Short Course for Faculty and Staff on Handling Stress in Educational Settings
Examples of Virtual Labs for College Courses at a Distance  
Moving Your New Student Orientation Online During COVID and Beyond (Oct. 2020)
Resources on Civic Engagement and Democracy: The 2020 Election (ACE, Oct. 2020)
Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Student Life
Asking Students for Social-Distancing Ideas. Here’s What They Proposed
Student Mental Health and Well-Being in Fall 2020 Under COVID-19
How to Deliver an Online Student Experience
College Obligations Related to Student Voting: Issues During COVID-19 (ACE Issue Brief)
Reshaping the Student Educational Experience after COVID-19
Don’t Be a Bot: Three Strategies to Let Your Personality Shine Online
Engaging Students Using Emotion in Online Learning
Student Experiences During the Fall 2020 Semester: Challenges Facing Institutions
Redefining Student -Centered Education During a Pandemic (2-8-21)
The Power of Asynchronous Video: How to Use this Tool to Improve Learning (2-3-21)
7 Things You Should Know About the HyFlex Course Model (July 2020)
Distant, Not Disconnected. How to Create Vital Online Communities
120+ Virtual Engagement Strategies for Students (May 2020)
Reimagine Your Campus Community in Digital Space (April 2020)
How Colleges Can Help Disabled Students with Remote Learning (Sept. 2020)

National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers
Best Practices for College Campus Tele-Mental Health Program (webinar, 12/10/20)

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