AICUP Annual Meeting Series: Equity & Equality Panel 

This video consists of two parts. First, Equal Justice Initiative Board Chair and NYU/Stanford Professor Kim Taylor-Thompson will speak about Equity and Inequality and Racial Justice in America, with a focus on the last 18 months. After this conversation (with some Q and A), five Presidents (from Carlow, Dickinson, Drexel, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and Robert Morris) will discuss approaches on their campuses to these issues. These schools represent a broad swath of our membership in terms of geography, demographics and size.

Ask the Experts

Race in America - Dr. Marcus Pohlmann and Dr. Charles McKinney of Rhodes College
Summary: This series of videos was created in June 2020 and centers on race in America. Among other things, the series covers questions about Black Lives Matter, looting/violence/protests, police reform/defunding, the prison system, and racism in healthcare.

Education in America - Dr. Marcus Pohlmann and Dr. Zachary Casey of Rhodes College
Summary: This series of videos was created in September 2020 and center on education in America, with a focus on education in urban environments. Among other things, the series covers questions about COVID-19 and its impact on students and teachers, the efficacy of remote learning, the pandemic's disproportionate impact on the education of students in low-income households, and how to address racism in the American educational system.

Course Redesign for Equity & Inclusion

Course ReDesign for Black, Latinx, and Low-Income Students
Diverse Student Voices Informing Educational Strategies (GlobalMindED, September 2020)
Faculty Diversity Scholars Support Inclusive Teaching
How Colleges Can Help Disabled Students with Remote Learning (Sept. 2020)
Promoting Equity in High School Dual-Enrollment Programs (Columbia University October 2020)
Working Toward Equity in Online Education (WCET October 2020)10 Strategies for Creating Inclusive Online Learning Environments (Stanford U, May 2020)
10 Strategies for Creating Inclusive Online Learning Environments (Stanford U, May 2020)

Critical Race Theory

Why the Critical Race Theory Fight Is Harder for Educators Than the Common Core Battle
Critical race theory: What it is and what it isn’t | Opinion
We Disagree on a Lot of Things. Except the Danger of Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws.
The people bashing critical race theory don’t really understand it, says Samuel Hoadley-Brill
Legislating against critical race theory, with curricular implications in some states
Pro-CRT: The Academic Concept Conservative Lawmakers Love to Hate
Anti-CRT: Groups Set to Release Joint Statement Opposing Critical Race Theory Bans
Teachers come under pressure as politicians, parents battle over ‘critical race theory’
The Brewing Political Battle Over Critical Race Theory

The Digital Divide

Online Isn't Optional: Student Polling on Access to Internet and Devices
Closing the Higher Education Digital Divide during COVID (EdSurge, July 2020)
Digital Divide Starts with a Laptop (New York Times, subscription needed)

Government & Association Recommendations

AACU Responding to the Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis & to Calls for Racial Justice
Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities: Institutional Plans for Racial Justice
Developing a Practice of Equity Mindedness (Center for Urban Education)
Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Statement on Inequity
Recommendations from the Obama Center
What Higher Education Can Do to Reverse Deepening Divides (Association of American Colleges and Universities)

Legislative Actions

House Votes to Purge Confederate Statues From the Capitol
House votes to remove Confederate statues and replace Roger B. Taney bust
Washington State Enacts Police Reform a Year After George Floyd's Death
Chart Outlining Policing Changes
Where Policing Proposals Stand One Year After George Floyd
The Battle over "Critical Race Theory" vs "Patriotic Education" in the US
The Battle over "Critical Race Theory" vs "Patriotic Education" in PA

Indicators & Dashboards


COVID Racial Data Tracker
Indicators of Higher Education Equity in the US (Pell Institute, 2020)

Institutional Plans for Equity & Equality

Towson University removes names of slave-owning Marylanders from dorms; University System board approves renaming
University of Missouri System Curators say no context needed for Thomas Jefferson statue; vote down Legacy Walk
University of Rhode Island to uncover murals and add context
Emory University to rename buildings to address ‘legacy of racism’
Officials to rename Cloyd Heck Marvin Center at George Washington University following decades of student pressure
University of Illinois at Chicago Law School Strikes Chief Justice John Marshall from Name
Wheaton College Rewords Plaque Calling Indigenous People 'Savage'
Virginia Theological Seminary Built on Slavery and Jim Crow Labor Has Begun Paying Reparations
Barron Outlines Penn State’s Actions Against Racism, Hate Speech
Diversity Blueprint from the University of Washington - from Planning to Action
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan: University of Michigan
Emory University Strategic Plan (2019-2023) p.21 begins their Five Point Strategy
Establishing an Office of Diversity and Inclusion on Campus (Oct. 2020)
Perspective of a Black College President on Recent Events
Robert Morris University Announces Anti-Racism Task Force (6/22/20)
University of Pittsburgh Equity and Justice Collective

Promise Grants

Loss of College Promise Grants Endanger Dream of Higher Education (1)
Loss of College Promise Grants Endanger Dream of Higher Education (2)

Other Articles

Anti-Vaccine as a Class and Race Issue
Philly and Beyond Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going On'
The devastation of the Tulsa Race Massacre
Mapping Police Violence
New Study Provides Evidence That Diversity Enhances Higher Education Outcomes
Colleges Share the Blame for Assault on Democracy (Chronicle 1/8/21)
The Book that Should Change How Progressives Talk About Race (NYT, 2/19/21)
Top 10 Steps for Advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Higher Education 
Actions Higher Ed Institutions Should Take to Help Eradicate Racism (Inside Higher Ed-July 2, 2020)
Adaptive Learning and Disadvantaged Students: College Perspectives (video, September 2020

COVID-19 is Increasing Academic Disparities Across Racial Groups (McKinsey, June 1, 2020)
Envisioning Higher Education as Antiracist (Inside Higher Education July 2, 2020)
Equity Audits Should be Commonplace on College Campuses (Inside Higher Education, March 25,2020)
Higher Ed’s Toothless Response to the Killing of George Floyd (June 10, 2020)
How Racial Inequity Harms American Schoolchildren
Opening the Door to Equity in Higher Education: A Data-Driven Approach (Oct. 23, 2020)
Racial Equity in Funding for Higher Education (Oct. 2020)
Racial Equity in Student Mental Health During COVID-19: Lessons Learned

Juneteenth Celebrations & Responses 

What is Juneteenth?
So You Want to Learn About Juneteenth?
The Historical Legacy of Juneteenth
Bowdoin College Resource Page on Juneteenth
Juneteenth Challenges A Narrative About America’s History
‘This is a day of profound weight’: Biden signs law establishing Juneteenth as a federal holiday
Biden Signs Juneteenth Bill, Creating New Federal Holiday Commemorating End of Slavery in US


AICUP Member Colleges Responses to the George Floyd Murder (click on the school to read statements)
























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