Federal Legislation - Phase 2: 
Supporting Students in Response to Coronavirus Response Act 
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Education Preparedness and Support Grants

$1.2 billion in mandatory funding to provide grants to governors to provide funding to school districts, or institutions of higher education,  impacted by qualifying emergencies such as the COVID-19 outbreak. These grants are intended to provide resources to help schools plan for closures, including how to provide meals to students, support efforts to clean and sanitize educational facilities, provide training to educators and other staff on how to properly ensure their buildings are safe for students return, help coordinate eligible entities’ preparedness and response efforts with public health departments and other relevant agencies, develop and implement procedures to improve preparedness response efforts, provide mental health services and supports, and support other activities that are necessary to maintain the operation of child care providers, public schools, or institutions of higher education.


Emergency Financial Aid for Students

$1.2 billion in mandatory funding to provide emergency financial aid to students in higher education to help address their basic needs created or exacerbated by unexpected college closures and COVID-19 related disruptions, including food, housing, health care, and child care needs. These grants will also support the one-time purchase of laptops and establishing a reliable internet connection to close the digital divide at colleges that switch to online learning formals. These emergency financial grants can help create or expand existing emergency financial aid programs at many institutions of higher education across the country.


Financial Aid Resources for Students and Institutions of Higher Education

The legislation would exempt students from paying back Pell Grants or repay student loans that were taken out for a disrupted term by providing a temporary waiver of ‘Return of Title IV’ rules. Additionally, students would see other financial aid rules related to satisfactory academic progress, Pell Grant lifetime eligibility, and subsidized loans relaxed.


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