The AICUP Research center collects and summarizes data on higher education in Pennsylvania. Reports produced by the Research Center are intended to inform policymakers and the public of the numerous educational, social, and economic benefits provided to the Commonwealth by its independent, nonprofit colleges and universities.

Promoting Access to Higher Education

Total Enrollment at 4-Year Colleges and Universities in Pennsylvania, Fall 2019

Total Enrollment- 4 Year Institutions Chart
One-half of all college students attending a 4-year institution in Pennsylvania are enrolled at an AICUP school.

Low-Income (Pell Eligible) Undergraduate Students Attending 4-Year Colleges and Universities in Pennsylvania, 2017-2018

Low-Income Students Attending Chart
AICUP schools educate a larger proportion of low-income (Pell) students than any other sector.

Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded to Minority Students in Pennsylvania, 2018-2019

Minority Students Bachelors Degrees Chart
Half of all minority students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree from a Pennsylvania institution were enrolled at an AICUP school.

Working to Keep College Affordable

Net Tuition and Fees Paid by Low-Income Students has Remained Steady Over the Past 5 Years

Almost every undergraduate student with financial need attending an AICUP school receives grants to help cover college costs, averaging about $24,000 per student per year.
2021 Net Tuition and Fees Chart

A Better Return on Investment in Higher Education

4-Year and 6-Year Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Rates in Pennsylvania, 2019

4- and 6- Year Graduation Rates Chart
Students working towards a bachelor’s degree at an AICUP institution are more likely to graduate in 4 years than students attending a state-related or State System university.

Taxpayer Cost Per Year, Per Degree Awarded in Pennsylvania

Taxpayer Cost per Degree Chart
AICUP schools have the lowest taxpayer cost per year per degree awarded.

A Partner in Workforce Development

3-Year Federal Student Loan Default Rates by Higher Education Sector in Pennsylvania

Loan Default Rate Chart
AICUP graduates find jobs and repay their student loans on time.

Enrolled Undergraduate Working-Age Adults in Pennsylvania, Fall 2019

Working Age Adult Bachelors Enrollment Chart
Almost half of all the working-age adults (non-traditional students) enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in Pennsylvania attend an AICUP college or university.

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